How to Advertise Your Business on Craigslist.

For anyone who loves to make the most out of their business or simply spend less and at the end of the day end up getting the most out of the services or products they are selling, craigslist is the answer.

As much as many people tend to overlook the relevance of craigslist, it might just be the best option you may have on the table. As far as getting the best results from craigslist is concerned or rather getting the biggest feedback from potential customers is concerned, having the best ad is the most important thing and that’s where we come in.

Whether it is one of your first few ads or you’ve been posting ads for a while, there may be one or two areas that you may have been going wrong. Taking this into account, we are obliged to shine some light on how you can properly advertise your business on Craigslist.

Without further ado, let’s get started…

How can you keep your ad up and running?

Most people who’ve heard about craigslist for the first time could refer to it as almost too good to be true, after all, the rules are few and the cost is less. The least you can do therefore is to obey the simple rules and you’re good to go.

As far as listing your product is concerned, craigslist provides this to almost anyone and almost any product. Taking this into consideration, most business owners will try to siphon as much profit as they can or rather do what is called carpet posting.

As it turned out, this form of spamming had to be stopped by craigslist and such spammers had to be flagged. So as to avoid this, here are some of the things you should always have in mind:

Do not have many ads up for the same product.

Over posting your product will result to your ad being flagged and completely removed.

Don’t be greedy- as much as craigslist saves on a lot of advertising cost as compared to other methods of advertising your ad, you should go slow on the rate at which you have the ads up on the website.

Don’t be a cliché- simply put, you should stay under the radar as much as you can. If you want to use this service for as long as possible, be creative on the titles as well as the descriptions you have on your product.

Seek out the help of dealers.

Spending some cash for the greater good won’t hurt. That being said, you should know that as much as you may be good at advertising your product and as much as your business may be growing, there’s someone out there who’d be able to do a better job than you. These are mainly referred to as the dealer services.

With a growing business, you may not always have the time to create the best ads for your product and at the same time focus on running your products or services. In such a case, the best thing you could do is outsource the advertising job to people with more experience.

What the dealers mostly do is give you better visuals when it comes to the graphic designing of your ad. In addition to this, they will have a better description and title for your product.

Build your marketing listing.

Truth be told, there are hundreds of people posting ads regarding similar products on craigslist each day. Taking this into account, regardless of whether you’re new on craigslist or have been around for some time, you should be a step ahead of your competitors.

One of the best marketing strategies to boost your sales is giving freebies to the potential buyers. One of the ways you can do this is posting what you want to give for free in the free section under the ‘for sale’ section on Craigslist. To make maximum use of the freebies, you could also advertise your local business.

Though giving away some of your products for free in exchange for feedback may raise your eyebrows, this may be the best way to give your brand more popular among buyers. As it is the case on craigslist, most of your ads will be localized and hence so will be your buyers which make it easy to meet them and have face-to-face conversations with them.

As compared to your relationship with them on social media, meeting physically will definitely have a better impact on your sales.

Simple things you could do to better your sales.

The secret lies in the details. Having the best image with a poor description will probably land you some customers. Having an awesome description with no image at all or rather a poor image may land you some buyers as well. Nonetheless, here are some of the things you could do to have far much better results from your ad.

  • Don’t be in a rush. If you need it to sell, then you should be willing enough to invest as much time in your ad as is required. Starting with the titles alone, you should take your time to create engaging titles. From the title alone, a potential buyer should be able to know enough from your product to get them to have a closer look at the description or image.
  • Have a clear and clever description. Since it is the words that are the method of engaging your customers, you should employ humor so that more people are willing to have a look at what you’re offering.
  • In most cases, you have to upload images. Other than ensuring that they are clear enough to be seen, you should take a picture of your product from different angles.
  • Have your contact info accompany your description. Most of the sales on craigslist target the local market. It is therefore preferred that you leave maybe your email or phone number via which you can be contacted.
  • Link to the page of your product. Considering the posts on craigslist may last for months, the odds of getting repeat buyers are high. By having a link to your product’s page, you may get more buyers.

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