Craigslist vs Backpage

When it comes to posting ads for free on the internet, craigslist and are two of the most common choices you could get. The truth is that both of these sites have got a lot of similarities and differences as well. all of these make either of them preferred or not by users on the internet.

In this section, we’ll be looking at the two of these as well as their merits and demerits from which you can be able to deduce which one is best for you.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Backpage linking.

All about

Backpage has been around for quite some time now and of all the top classified websites, it is one of the best since it records as much as 3 million users each day. This is mostly attributed to the outstanding interface that it gives the users.

Craigslist vs Backpage

Another thing that makes it a preferred choice for most users is the fact that it’s got a vast connection with a lot of newspapers and more so, you can be able to promote your ad via the newspapers as well. When it comes to posting spam content, the technological foundation upon which the site is built does not allow you to do this; though most users may not notice or appreciate this, it surely will give you better marketing odds.

Unlike most of the other online platforms that allow for the posting of classified ads, will not limit you to certain words when writing the description of your product.

How to end up with the best-classified ads

Considering that the platform is mainly based on giving you the chance to post ads for free, most users assume that it will be easy to have their ads picked. Well, the truth is that as much as your ad may be up, ads that are properly written or designed are the ones that are not only hard to ignore, but they’re also hard to ignore.

As stated earlier, your ads could be posted on newspapers hence something as simple as the use of proper grammar to build an outstanding first impression on potential buyers is necessary. Also, since the ad may be seen by members that aren’t visiting, you’ve got only one chance to build a trustworthy impression.

Easy contact with your clients.

When it comes to communicating with your clients, backpage allows you to have your contact info on each ad you post. Most people prefer an email address or their phone number. Alternatively, if you have a large business, you can have the link to your website accompany your ad.

Purchasing credits on backpage.

At first, since it was started in the year 2004, backpage has been using credits when it comes to the transactions between business owners and customers.

To get these credits, you will have to exchange the for bitcoins on Just the same way you can use a Bitcoin when placing an ad on the personal or dating section so can you use the Bp credits. Each of these credits is worth one dollar and are sold on the website or third-party suppliers.

Backpage credit cards.

For those who are maybe very frequent users on, having a large line of credits comes in handy. Though it is not clear why they are selected or how, this is quite beneficial since If you do have a credit line, you get to post till you run out of credits via the ‘bill me later’ option.

Craigslist posting service.

As far as online classified ads posting is concerned, craigslist just so happens to be the most popular. Up and running for over 2 decades now, craigslist has gained so much popularity among business persons that it gets as much as 10 million visitors each day.

Making transactions on craigslist

Considering that this site grants the buyer and seller utmost anonymity, it is best that you only opt for the safest way possible.

Craigslist allows any form of payments from checks and credit cards to cash and wire transfers. As a business owner, the best way to opt for would definitely be the fastest in which case cash is better which is why it is always advised that you allow your ads to be seen locally alone.

There is also a set of rules on craigslist that denies the conduction of certain transactions. At the rules, section is also the expected code of conduct for any user on craigslist. As much as you would like to have the biggest investment on craigslist, you should obey the 48-hour rule (this simply states that you should not post a similar ad within a 48-hour window of posting it)

Tracking your ads.

This is one of the similarities and most important feature on both craigslist as well as On Craigslist, you are allowed to have your contact information accompany your ad. The most common are your email address and phone number each of which you should be first to call back or reply respectively.

You can also link to your website especially if you want to have repeat customers.

Posting your item for barter.

As far as doing anything is concerned, craigslist will definitely allow you to post your product for trade with another item. This, fortunately, allows you to get rid of the excess or get something you didn’t previously own but needed so much.

Final Verdict

Comparing the two, Craigslist and backpage are almost the same but there are some major differences between the two. Here is the major difference between the two websites.

  • Craigslist has got less anonymity as compared to backpage. The latter allows you to have an account only after you have verified your identity via phone. Backpage, on the other hand, does not need you to do this at all. The likelihood of your ad being flagged or removed on backpage is less as compared to what happens on craigslist.

As far as placing ads on either of the two sites is concerned, the best is entirely a matter of your personal opinion. You should try either to see which one works for you best.

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