The ABCs Of Craigslist Posting Service

With a lot of online marketing platforms present today and with the need to make the business transactions as cheap and as fast as they can possibly get, most business owners are looking to expand their businesses as much as they possibly can.

The sad thing, however, is that not most people are enlightened about the craigslist ad posting service. As much as they’d like to use the service, they end up doing some wrong things. At the end of the day, you’ll not end up with the results you expected and at the same time will have wasted so much time.

Without further ado, let’s have a look at what craigslist posting service is all about.

Of Craigslist Posting Service

What products sell best on craigslist?

Since it was founded in the year 1996 by Craig Newmark, its popularity has grown over the years and to date, Craigslist boasts to getting as much as 10 million different visitors per day.

The website is more of an online classifieds ad format and each of the ads that are posted is meant to target potential buyers in a given region or city. One of the features that make this site one of the best is the fact that when it comes to posting the ads, most of what you will be doing is completely free.

The platform allows you to post an ad about almost anything from tangible products to services. If you prefer to market your products regionally or provides services to only people in a specific area, then craigslist is definitely something that you should consider.

How to build your ads effectively.

When it comes to building ads which are also the most important part of the marketing process, it is not as complex as some sellers may be thinking. Truth be told, it can be as simple as simply typing one or two lines of text- don’t do this, however, it will hardly get you anywhere.

The title and description

The title and the description are considered as one of the most important parts of any ad on Craigslist. The title should incorporate one of the frequent search terms regarding the product or service you are selling. In addition to this, it should have one product or service feature that most people look for. Also, you should try and make your title stand out. Don’t include a lot of punctuations in it or use all caps when writing it. just make it look natural and unique then you’re good to go

When it comes to the description, you should pay attention to the keywords based on the search terms that most people use to find your product. What happens is that most craigslist users will filter their searches only to only specific things before they can search hence it is important that you research on these extensively. Also, before you list the product features, you should ensure that you exhaust them all without leaving anything out.

Image designs

Even though you may be having the best and most detailed title and description for your ad, it would not be of that much use if you didn’t back it up with a good image. When it comes to choosing a picture, it would be best if you took the actual photo of what you are advertising rather than stealing one off the internet. By taking the actual photo, you will have a better chance of getting repeat buyers.

The image should be of high definition such that it doesn’t appear blurry at all. Even better, you should take multiple angles of your product. This way, potential buyers will get to see what they’ll be getting.

Adding images is not hard at all. You can simply use the ‘upload image’ function on craigslist or alternatively, mostly for the larger images, you could upload your image to your own web server then link to it.

Flagging- how can you avoid spam on craigslist?

Despite being one of the best online marketing platforms you could get, you don’t get all the freedom to do as you please. In some instances, you may have your ad ghosted or worse enough taken down.

Since it was started, craigslist has been providing everyone with a chance to post their products. Due to this, some business owners tend to take advantage so as to strike a bigger investment. As it was expected craigslist had to take care of this.

If you happen to repost the same ad within a span of 48 hours, you will have your ad marked as a spam content and in some cases, it may be taken down. Also, there are instances where your ad may be ghosted. When this happens, it won’t come up in the search results every time a member searches for it.

To avoid any of these scenarios, here are some tips you should keep in mind.

  • Don’t go greedy with craigslist. If you tend to overuse the service, you may end up making mistakes or reposting the same ads over and over again.
  • Avoid posting different ads for the same product.
  • Try to use unique descriptions each time you post an ad

How to follow up on your ads

As much as you may have the best ad posted on craigslist, it wouldn’t be of any help to you or the customer if you won’t be doing a follow up on it. Keeping track of your ad is quite simple, here’s simply what you should do.

In each of your ads, you should include your contact info. In most cases, people prefer to have either their phone number or their email address. You always are prompt to reply to an email or a phone call from a potential customer. In most cases, what most buyers do is contact various sellers for instance via email and the first one to respond is the one they’ll go with.

Still, at following up, you should take down old ads and if you need to re-post them, tweak the title and description a little bit to make it look unique. The older your ad is on craigslist, the lower the chances are of people picking it.

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